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Oreo 8.1: Location is wrong

After the upgrade I noticed the location service is not as precise as before. It shows that I'm nearly 500 m away from my actual location, whether I am home or at work. Other people also see me 500 m away, which probably means that the phone itself reports the wrong coordinates of my position. 

For the same reason, Smart Lock does not work anymore, as nether of the Trusted places match the false phone coordinates.

Maybe you need to change the location accuracy level under Location settings.

LucasV, Have already checked that: the mode is set to High accuracy (as it was before the upgrade). Tried to change it to Battery saving and to Device only and then to set it back to High, but that has not changed a thing.

I didn't have the issue myself. This was in my opinion the only logical solution. Too bad that it didn't work for you. Hope that someone else can help you out.

That sounds like your location is being determined from the cell location only and not GPS, Wi-Fi & cell location.

Well, this is weird: I waked up this morning and everything was back to normal. My position on the map (Google Maps) was right there where I actually am. But I swear I did not altered any setting in order to fix it since I started this thread.

Strangely, when encouraged by the working location service I checked the Smart Lock configuration, I only found the Trusted face option there, no Trusted places, On-body detection, nothing else. So I disabled Smart Lock as Trusted agent, restarted the phone and re-enabled Smart Lock as Trusted agent. From then, all Smart Lock options have got back. And in fact now I can just swipe up the lock screen to unlock the phone when I'm at home. Yay!

Is it possible that Nokia has pushed a minimal software update? Is it more realistic that they have tuned up something on the server side? (but which server, Google's?) Could it be a manufacturing issue of the device itself (meaning I may experience it again in the future)?

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