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Keep wifi alive removed or not in 8.1

Can anyone answer if in the beta 8.1 the option to disable WiFi when phone is asleep? I really hope the people at Nokia will keep this option. It has been removed for the Nexus and Pixels from 8.1. It is really good to safe battery drain and helps against wifi tracking. Also see I would really like to know this before I start testing 8.1. I would be really thankful if someone with 8.1 wants to look this up for me!

I'm on the 8.1 beta and haven't found this option in the settings app.

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Thanks, LucasV! A real deal breaker for me. I hope the devs read the comments in this section. It's real easy to put back in. Easiest way to save battery and it's real handy to stop wifi tracking in stores and what not.
Hi DrGonzo. I'm forwarding your problem through the feedback app. I don't know if Nokia can fix it or that it's a Google thing.

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Thanks mate!

Hi DrGonzo,

I just use the great app "Situations" for that. Used to have it on Symbian before. You can define exact conditions for several sets of settings, such as disabling Wi-Fi at night if you're near your home etc.

The app is basically free, but you can upgrade some features via rather cheap in-app purchases.

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Thanks Mr P! I know their are some other options but I hope Nokia will reconsider putting back this option. If I can stay away from third party apps, than that has my preference. I also don't see the need to remove this option from 8.1. What is the advantage for removing this? In my opinion there is only an advantage for Google and other parties who use wifi tracking. For now I'll stay on 8.0 for as long as possible
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