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Much Ordinary FM Radio App in Nokia.

I have found a very much ordinary FM Radio app for Nokia 5. 

  • Even a cheaper physical FM Radio device contains more features than this.
  • First of all there is a heart icon to mark a frequency as Favourite but it is of no use if you cannot switch between your favourite stations using the next/previous button.
  • When a next/previous button is pressed, it starts to search for next station and most of the time it rests to the nearby frequency of one of the favourite. Some of the time it even skips one of them. Highly Annoying.
  • Even feature phones of Nokia provides FM Recording inside radio app and you cannot find it in Nokia 5.
  • The app should be there in the Google Play Store to give it a review.
  • My previous phone Moto G4 Play had an FM Radio player app with all above mentioned functionalities like switching between favourite stations, FM Recording, Night Mode, Sleep Hours and even it was there in the Google Play Store and users there get a chance to contact the developer in the review section which eventually made it better.
  • The sixth point made it legitimate for me to create a new topic as I feel very much downgraded in using FM Radio in Nokia 5 which costs much more than my previous device.

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