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Phone hangs atleast 2 times a day

Hi, This phone has some problem due to which it hangs a lot. 1. It hangs when I go to dialling page, all the boarders load but name and photo does not load. 2. When you zoom a photo it hangs. 3. When u navigate from one page to another it hangs. 4. Now after the security patch update, now message I feel I am receiving all but again it hangs and the tread of message is not shown. Pls note prior to this the phone which I was using never used to hang, for that matter I used to have games like COC and Clash Royals in it. In this phone I am very afraid that if I load those to whether it will start or not. Some times I lose hope on this phone as it can betray me at any time when I am in urgency. Pls confirm if any solution is there. Else I need to switch brand.

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Im also facing the same issue. Please note that I'm still using stock Android OS not orio.
Same problem my nokia 6

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My nokia 6 hangs daily in morning while dailing someone , started using from jan 18 , but it doesn't support 2/3 application at o e time , better to resolve the issue by nokia ppl.. Otherwise it's very annoying to use it
Hey.. with Oreo bita this problem solved for me.
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