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Camera issue with 8.1 Beta

Yesterday on actually now, "Connection to Camera not availabe". Grey screen with this message. Back via home-button, starting camera, only a black screen appears.

Only solvable via reboot the device. :-/

I have tried and tried and cannot replicate this, have you used the feedback app to tell Nokia what is happening?

I've not seen this happen either, my cameras have been working fine. My only suggestion is a backup and factory reset, if it's software this should resolve it, if it's hardware it won't and your phone needs to go to a service centre. If you do factory reset, start fresh don't let it restore from another device or previous backup. Gradually reinstall your apps, so you can pinpoint any that may have caused this.
Need to work on camera department its not best
Other people have found the camera to work better with the Google pixel camera APK that is doing the rounds. Why not give that a try? So it's not all down to hardware, although the Nokia 8's camera does not let quite as much light in due to it having a higher f-stop than some other flagship phones meaning it needs a slightly longer exposure to get the same results. On the whole I've found the camera in this phone to be pretty good with good light, it starts to struggle in low light conditions. Only other tips I have for getting better results with the built in camera app is make sure HDR is turned on, this helps enormously with low light conditions. Just so you know if the flash kicks in HDR gets disabled, so try turning the flash off.
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