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unregister fo an account

 Hello. I bought a nokia 8 and its perfect and it is second hand.. So when i try to register to my account it says that it is already registered... How can I unregister it from the last account of the previous user and register to my account?


It's the factory reset protection, a feature introduced in Android a long time ago. To prevent the smartphone from being used after a theft following a factory reset, login to the smartphone owner's Google account is required.

The only solution is to configure it with the old owner and add your account only later, then deleting the one of the previous owner. If he doesn't unlock it with his account you can't do anything.

It works like this with all the Android smartphones of the last generations.

Thanks for the answer. But the problem is at the nokia account. If there is a problem. For example when i took the phone on my hands, it was on android 8.1 beta. So when i put my nokia account and imei in beta labs to rollback my phone i took the answer that my phone is already registered... And contact the previous owner to make the rollaback for my phone...


Hi Heliastz,

Please try to register for betalabs now. We did some things from our end and you should be able to register. Let me know if you still face some problems.

Generally, a device (IMEI) needs to be unregistered from betalabs in order to register it again with a different account.  


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Thanks for the quick reply. I do not want to register now because i dont want 8.1beta again.. but i will do at the future beta updates! Thanks for the perfect support!
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