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Nokia 150: bluetooth and address book


I bought a Nokia 150 a few months ago for my mother. Comparing the address book with his previous Nokia C1-01 there's a huge gap: C1-01 was able to memorize more numbers inside one contact (home, work, fixed, mobile, email, snail mail address). C1-01 was also able to use a bluetooth earphone while 150 is not due to lack of bluetooth audio profile.

While there's no chance to add bluetooth audio support, can Nokia issue a firmware update to give a better address book experience (at least comparable to the old S30 models like C1-01?)


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I strongly support this request!

No chance of having more than 1 number for one contact in 2018 is discouraging and ... looks very 1998.

Dear Nokia, please make it possible to update the software in this wonderful model (nokia 150).


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