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The final version of android 8.0 was released

Why is the final release of Oreo 8.0 available to everyone, but not to those who are registered in the beta lab and got the beta version?

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Hi all,


Great to see so many of you are looking forward to receiving the official Android Oreo on your Nokia 5 or Nokia 6! Beta labs users are prioritised to be the very first to receive any upgrades and thanks for highlighting any delays here. We appreciate your concerns and have identified the issue - the build will be with you soon (note that roll-out is phased as usual to secure quality delivery).


Going forward, we'll ensure we deliver you the next upgrade in quick time. We appreciate your patience and we're sure you'll enjoy the next Oreo experience!



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has the official version of oreo android already arrived?

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Ziv QO, Yes, today started sending



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Has the official Oreo update arrived for Nokia5 too?

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user1517248314569, Yes. It is available only for those who were not a beta tester.

and why not to us ?, or will it be after a while, perhaps is it limited by regions?

Seems like 5_200 was just converted to alpha. I did not need to Update again.
How to Get this Update for those, who are registered in Beta Lab!

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Still no update available for beta users

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Did any beta user received the official oreo update??

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I am not a beta tester then also I didn't get update
Just finished updates my nokia 5..

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How did you get that update?
Yes how did you get that? I still didn't get that, did anyone else got the update?
I'm on 5200. Is this the final, full release? If it is I still have many lockup issues and restart issues, like I have through the beta testing. Not happy.

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