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Problems of Nokia made me cry and hopeless! Need emergency help

 I'm a traditional Nokia fan. my first phone was a Nokia 1100 many years ago. I was one of the first users of Nokia 6600 when it was at the market, I bought it immediately from Dubai. Now after several years I never used a phone but Nokia.

Now my phone is a Nokia 6 TA-1021.

But its problems are limitless. every week I see a problem.

But now this time this problem is very serious. I couldn't solve it. Support can't help because the support app does not work well and I can't see messages of the support. they are hidden!!! can you believe? I can't see their messages.

I can't do anything on my phone. nothing works well. google play service stopped working and stopped working too. two main problems made every apps disable.

And I can't recover my google account password because Gmail app does not work because of google play service and I can't reset to factory setting because everything online will be lost without recovering google password.

Now please help me, someone can help me here? The only thing Nokia support with its useless/broken support app can do is watching at me and send "invisible messages" . oh my God. I'm very angry and sad ...

Please help me how to get rid of this situation.

If I don't fix the problem, I'll throw this Nokia 6 at garbage bin and forget Nokia for ever :(( I'm very very very very angry. I was never be angry like now!!!

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