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Nokia 6(global version) without January security update

My Nokia 6(global version) didn't received any update since I installed Oreo beta. It's almost February and my phone's last update is 5th December security update. Is anybody facing the same problem? All the best!

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Same thing. Not a single update has been received since the beta installation. Don't know what is the problem with Nokia. Everyone enjoys the final version of oreo and we the Nokia 6 owners are still stuck in the beta with bugs.

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For somebody to hopefully better assist:

Which Nokia 6 variant (TA-????), at which mobile operator, in what country?

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I am also facing same problem .

Same here in the Netherlands, my TA-1033 only received the update of december 5, 2017. Today I received an email of HDM/Nokia about how thankfull they are I'm in the beta group. I hoped it was an announcement that a new beta version or the release version will be available. The beta is great in many aspects, but the Bluetooth is still broken. I can't play my spotify over bluetooth in my car or on my bluetooth headset.

If you don't receive stable oreo than go to settings and apps. Find the system app named 'google sevice framework'. Open it. Then clear the cache and data. Then check for update. You will get stable oreo.

To Dipak: That tricks is a very bad trick that will negatively impacts one's Android phones, so I won't recommend it. If you haven't noticed, Juho Sarvikas said that the update will be deliver in phases rather than all at once.

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I have received at the first of january a update (TA1033-android 7.1.2)......
The Oreo release hasn't been pushed out for the TA-1033 yet. Only 1021 and 1035 confirmed so far. Possibly next week.
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