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Battery drain so much while leave device untouched while wifi turned on.

Hello Nokia users i have facing battery drain issue since 7.1.2 update on my nokia 5, it still exists in latest 8.0.0 beta 200, in 7.1.1 it only happens sometimes, while wifi turned on device standby time is very low, it eats 3%-4% battery per hour while device leaves untouched. I think it stays in awake state always. I lose 21% in 6-7 hours while m not using my phone, nothing downloaded, nothing updated, just connected to wifi. But when i turned off wifi the battery amount is decrease massively,, it decrease into 2%°3% for the same 6-7 hours timeframe, is this normal to lose 3%-4% battery per hour while wifi on and device is not used? Is everyone has facing thia? Or this is an issue on system? I think other devices like Samsung i used before, never lose this much battery in wifi on and device is not used.
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