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Blank Screen Problem

Hi guys,

So about a week ago, I updated my Nokia 8 to Oreo 8.1 beta. Once I did this, the next day my phone screen began to flicker every 10 seconds or so. A little time later, parts of the screen started to freeze, and eventually the phone screen went completely blank. 

I took the phone to the service center where they told me it's a problem with the phone display, since there are scratches on it. They told me I cannot avail the warranty on the phone because of physical damage.I was told that I will have to get the display changed for a sum of around Rs 6000 or so. 

If a few minor scratches can cause such a serious problem to a Flagship Phone from a company, I think there is something really wrong. 

On asking the cause for the problem, I was given this response: "It is an electronic product. Hence we cannot say for sure."

I paid a lot of money for this electronic product, and I want a better and more satisfying answer to my question. 

I think this is a problem the software update is causing, because only once I updated the software, did this problem arise. 

There is no way the scratches on the display have caused this issue, because my phone has had these scratches for 2 months now, and it was working perfectly fine until the software update.  

I have called the Nokia customer care, I have tried their live customer chat as well. But none of these helped resolve this problem. 
I am putting my problem out on this forum, looking for a solution to this problem, and hopefully help anybody else who is experiencing the same problems. 

I had bought this phone trusting the brand of Nokia, but I feel I may have made a mistake this time. 

If anybody has had this same problem, and found a solution, please help me out, it is much appreciated.

I don't have this problem with Oreo 8.1 beta. Does the problem persist after you rollback to Oreo 8.0 ?

I rolled it back to Oreo 8.0 initially, and the screen worked fine for a few hours. But soon after it was back to the initial condition and then eventually the screen went completely blank. 

In case you don't have an app installed which changes screen brightness to a low or near zero value, I don't have any other ideas.

E.g. Tasker is one of these apps, but Tasker has a default precaution setting to avoid such low values.

Hi there. I'm afraid to say that this sounds like it your problem could be the same hardware as the one reported here: and which several users are suffering with, and which Nokia seem to be completely ignoring. The timing (just after the update) might just be coincidence.

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