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IMEI already in use.How can I get 8.1 update for my Nokia 8

Excuse me! When I submitted the Registration lab by my SIM1's IMEI. Only displayed that "IMEI already in use." on a red background.Then there is no request for OTA's display. When I submitted the Registration lab by my SIM1's IME2. Then there is the option to show OTA. But after 12 hours, still did not receive 8.1 update. So request update only identify SIM1's IMEI. I also get in touch with customer service. Customer service Just help me ask, but still no feedback. how can I get involved in 8.1 update? Thank u.

Why nobody can answer my question? @everybody @Nokia @admin
I may be confused, but you entered *#06# and then provided the first entry? If yes, can you please share with us the country and phone model numbee? There were some specific versions of nokia 8 that had some issues with beta activation/OTA. Anyway, i hope you'll get your pb fixed Ps

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@usercub My country is China Hong Kong. TA-1052 And other one same Mobile phone model in my country had been successed update to new 8.1. So the reason may have been that someone had been registered with my IMEI.And IMEI can only be bound by one mailbox. So I hope they can help me update or delete registered information in the background database.
@usercub And I'm sure I typed in SIM1 's IMEI
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