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Nokia to improve larger edge screens,heart rate sensing,face unlocking,border display and internal graphics.

In coming days Nokia should implement new ideas like

1.Edge screen

2.Heart rate sensing

3.Face unlocking

4.Border display(like the one in iPhone x)

5.The most important is it can develop by increasing screen ratio by 18:9.

6.Camera sensor,DSLR.

7.External device to control the phone like handy wrist watch.

8.Huge battery

9.should replace display to Amoled display.present smartphone back light are so dim and not eye catching.

10.Nokia own skins and icon pack.and higher RAM

this would make coming smartphones great,featured phone.and fulfill customer needs.

Especially Indian people are looking this.and in coming days Nokia would gain its half market share.


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 ya that would be better.

Community Hero

Nice bucket list! :)

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I would still go for a 16:9 aspect ratio display. The 18:9 just increases the length of the phone. 16:9 Display with more screen to body ratio would be awesome. :)

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