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Bluetooth diabolical

Please can you get this fixed?  Great phone, but in Nougat and now Oreo Bluetooth is very unstable. We want to roll out Nokia phones for our business but it is zero points for use for drivers. Not good.

For a premium phone I should be able to make phone calls over BT as standard.

Phone shows connected, car says a mobile signal but car says BT not active. When on calls BT drops off and back in again every 10 seconds or so. Whilst driving I can watch BT switching off and on again on the console.

Fed up with network and factory resets, grrrrrr....

Did not experience any problems with BT while making lots of calls connected to Mercedes C-Class and being on Nougat, Oreo 8.0 and Oreo 8.1 beta. Others here in this forum reported BT problems went away after upgrading to Oreo 8.1 beta. I would check with your car vendor if they have a firmware update for the car model or give Oreo 8.1 beta a try.

Thanks Alex, it's a Jaguar XF. 

All was fine on all tested phones and cars until Nougat. We hoped Oreo would fix. We have the problem on BT speakers/headsets and in other cars. Heading for Apple devices soon as my users are getting very angry with Android :-(  

It seems it is a problem with Oreo itself and Google need to fix it!msg/phone-by-google/iJeDphsoOJ4/Qui_snPVAAAJ

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