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Nokia 6 fails to connect to cellular data after WIFI connection is off since updating to OREO

Hi, I encountered this problem after updating to Oreo on my Nokia 6 (TA-1000). Once I off my Wifi, the phone will not automatically connect back to the network data on quite a few occasions, even if i tried to toggle with mobile data on/off or flight mode on/off.

The only solution is to do a restart to my phone. 

Does anyone encounter the same issue with me? Anyone knows that any work around of this issue

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I am losing cellular data as well as my network....Is there any troubleshoot for this...Please do let me know if any resolution found....

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Oh yes, i just noticed my cellular network is lost too after disconnecting from wifi...  Although the cellular logo is still showing full bar, I am unable to make/receive call or even receive SMS... 

I do have the same problem. In my case (Nokia 6 TA-1021), after updating the system to OREO yesterday, I can't use my mobile data. I went to the internet service provider today, and they told me that the issue is with the phone. Hope to get guidance or support on the technical problems I'm experiencing. Thanks!

Me to, but  no problem with the beta version of oreo...

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