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Wifi tethering not working anymore

Hello Nokia labs, 

While my upgrate to 8.1 beta was smooth as silk and everything else is ok, I have to report a serious bug: Wifi tethering does not work anymore.

When I enable hotspot tethering, the external device correctly detects my Nokia 8 as an access point, manages to connect to it, receives the IP, but that's all, it can't access to the Internet.

I googled up and it seems that's an Oreo 8.1 bug that can be sidestepped by changing some carrier's APN data, but unfortunately this workaround does not work at all with Telecom Italia. 

I applaud your choice to be on the forefront on the Android wave, but please, do your best to fix this (or at least, pester Google to do something about this :-) ) and make this outstanding phone even better.



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I had the same issue. After a lot of digging, I found the solution for me was to follow the instructions here. This is a couple of years old and relating to a Nexus 5, but it worked for me.!topic/nexus/DRVyGHFAdjA

There's a "Minimal ADB" tool that can be found on XDA Developers that is a lot smaller than downloading the entire Android SDK. Also note that to enable developer tools on the Nokia 8, you need to go to Settings, System, About Phone, scroll down to Build Number and tap it repeatedly until it says developer options are enabled. Then select developer options and turn on USB Debugging.

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I am in the same situation. no worries. nokia TA1012 FR

I've tested the hotspot feature on my Nokia 8 and on my phone it works. I'm on Vodafone Netherlands network. I hope that your problem can be fixed.

 Update: it seems I made it work.

The workaround I read on Google Oreo Bug tracking board was to blank the field "APN Type" in the APN Details page (reached this way: Settings -> Network & Internet  -> Mobile Network ->  Advanced -> Access Point Name -> <your apn>  APN Type).

I read this and didn't work, because blanking made Oreo automagically fill with all of the allowed strings together.

This time, on a whim I filled the field with these two characters "" , which in programming languages are used to represent a literal empty string. Lo and behold, IT WORKED. :-) 

I invite Nokia/HMD Technical team to test this feature, although I suspect it's Google's fault :-)

 One more update: blanking the APN Type with "" combination. I enable tethering but I seem to disable the internet on the phone (weird....)

So be sure to take note of correct APN type to restore it. Better yet, clone your APN and use the cloned one as a test bed for tethering (I did just so).  I take no responsabilty if you test my workaround....

Data point -  Tethering works "OOTB" with my Nokia 8/Oreo 8.1 Beta/T-Mobile in the US.

Same issue here, already reported via the feedback app.

same problem and it's a really bad things becouse i work with Tethering with my android tablet on the car. please try to solve asap

Doesn't work for me either. I can connect to the hotspot but it shows as no internet connection. My carrier allows tethering on my contract and it used to work.

I've found this solution for TIM Italy. I've created a new access point following

but i've changed the APN TYPE from dun to "" and it work with my TOMTOM with Bluetooth tethering.

You should have WAP.TIM:IT as default to have internet enable on the phone.

(sorry for my english)

The hotspot is working for me on the 8.1 beta, I'm with Tesco mobile in the UK which runs on o2's network. I think this has to be something the network operator is doing when they setup your phone with their sim card, some of them like to block you from using your phone as a hotspot for other devices. Looks like some of you have found a way around it, hopefully Nokia will have a solution with the stable release.

@paolo_p66 so it seems it's a TIM (Telecom Italia) problem. That's weird because amongst all operator TIM does not forbid tethering even for its phone-only data plans (AFAIK Vodafone actively forbids it, whereas Tre tolerates it - legally not allowed but if you tether to read mail and browse a little they won't block your SIM).

Oh well, Oreo 8.1 final is going to be available via OTA in the next days, hope this annoyance is fixed up. 

Unfortunatelly still not working. before update to 8.1 the tethering with my nokia 8 and Vodafone italy was working. i update to stable 8.1 but nothing changes. that's a big problem for someone like me that use the phone for work 

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I'm not using beta, but the latest stable version (8.0.0) and can't use Tethering anymore :( And I really need it urgently

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Latest stable is Oreo 8.1, the beta has finished for now. For me this worked in the beta just fine when I tested it, it's usually your network operator that blocks this and prevents it working. It has something to do with how they setup the data access point and what they allow you to do with your data connection. For example if you don't have a 3g or 4g data connection then tethering will not work at all. The phone will connect but you will have no internet. Someone on the beta did manage to get around this by editing his access point settings and posted it in these forums.
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