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Battery issue

After updated to stable oreo update, the battery drains quickly.

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Me too facing this issue. Since the last system update about 3 days back, my Nokia 6 battery is draining pretty fast when the internet is on. It is now 30 minutes and it has lost 8% on WiFi.

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Me too

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Mee to How to back 7.1.2 ?

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I also had the same issue..

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Same Problem

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Me too same issue.

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Same problem here. with nougat it's fine, Oreo reduced the total battery power by 1 hour. 

Please don't update to Oreo if someone is on Nougat. Oreo has no benefits at all. 

Yes I too have the same problem. Battery backup has drastically reduced after updating to oreo. Nokia should give a update related to battery optimisation as soon as possible.
Same problem with me too battery drain faster
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