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Notifications "bubbles will not go away

I have a Nokia 3

I have Google calendar and also the standard calls menu(I:E made,received,missed calls)


recently I had an appointment on my calendar and received a "bubble notification" this notification would not disappear and I had to factory restore my phone to get rid of the notification, On 30 Jan 2018 I had a missed call and there is a bubble notification displayed, I deleted the missed call from my call log but the notification will not go away.


I really should not have to keep factory restoring my phone to get rid of these notifications and this is REALLY annoying.


the phone is less than 1 month old. 



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I have the same issue although I am loathe to do a factory reset. At 23 days it seems like noone on the forum can help and the support chat is pretty useless.

I asked about this on on the Google Calendar Help Forum and nothing that the "expert" suggested worked,so I went direct to Nokia .

After Nokia passing suggestions to me they finally came up with one suggestion that actually worked,so I posted their reply on the Google Calendar Help Forum.

"In case anybody else is having this problem,following is the suggestion.


Do the following:

Settings --> Applications --> Phone app --> Storage --> Clear cache. 

Then, please go to Settings ---> Apps >> Phone -->> Disable then restart the device. After that please go to the same place and enable it. The icon will be in the main menu

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