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Time stamp on incoming texts wrong

I am in the PST time zone but when text messages arrive they are stamped with the EST.  When I send texts they are stamped with my correct time zone.  

For example:

I send a text at 8:52pm PST, it is stamped with the time "8:52pm"

I then receive a response text at 8:55pm PST, but it gets stamped with the time "11:55pm", which is EST.

The problem is that the phone then organizes the conversation based on the time stamps, meaning all my outgoing texts are first because it thinks they are 3 hours ahead of the incoming texts.

Anyone have this problem and solution?

I've tried playing with all the date and time settings, as well as a factory reset. If I change the phone to a different time or timezone in the settings, my outgoing texts are stamped at that new time, but incoming texts are still stamped as if they were EST.


Have the exact same problem
We bought two Nokia 3310's, one for each kid. We live in British Columbia PST and the phones are registered on Koodo. They are having the same problem, super irritating. Especially when it looks like the kids are up at 3 am texting. Tried changing all the settings on our end with no success. Has anyone found a solution?

I have the exact same issue as well. Just purchased the phone. Outgoing texts show PST, incoming texts are EST. Changing Date/Time settings has no impact on incoming text time stamps, only outgoing. I.E. No matter what I change the timezone or time to manually, the incoming texts keep showing EST. I am on Telus. If I can't find a solution in next few days I will end up returning the phone.

same for me...on public mobile in alberta (subsidiary of telus)

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