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Time stamp on incoming texts wrong

I am in the PST time zone but when text messages arrive they are stamped with the EST.  When I send texts they are stamped with my correct time zone.  

For example:

I send a text at 8:52pm PST, it is stamped with the time "8:52pm"

I then receive a response text at 8:55pm PST, but it gets stamped with the time "11:55pm", which is EST.

The problem is that the phone then organizes the conversation based on the time stamps, meaning all my outgoing texts are first because it thinks they are 3 hours ahead of the incoming texts.

Anyone have this problem and solution?

I've tried playing with all the date and time settings, as well as a factory reset. If I change the phone to a different time or timezone in the settings, my outgoing texts are stamped at that new time, but incoming texts are still stamped as if they were EST.


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Have the exact same problem
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