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Unsupported SD Card

I purchased my Nokia 3 phone last year in the month of July. I had set up my SD Card for use as internal storage which as displayed in the phone "required formatting that prevents it from working with other devices." Last month my phone went dead and did not charge at all. I took my phone to Nokia Care for repair as it was still under the warranty. Thankfully, the phone was repaired and I collected it today. After inserting the SIM cards and my SD card, I switched on my phone. The first thing I noticed was that my phone has been restored to factory setting or reset and that and a notification stating "unsupported SD card" came up. When I selected “Use as internal storage” in the setup your SD card section, the phone prompted that the SD card will be formatted which means losing all the data in the SD card.

Please suggest the correct steps to be taken to rectify this issue. I don't want to lose the data stored in the SD card prior to its repair and factory reset at Nokia Care.

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