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Multiple contact from different accounts

Hello team, i am facing problem with my phone book. It shows same contact, multiple time. I have save contact only one time..but depend on accounts like google, whatsapp, paytm, viber,skype,botim...etc it show..same contact multiple time linked to this accounts... Erlier i remembered there was selection to select account show the contact in phone i dis not found this setting. My mobile is Nokia 8, updated for Android 8 Please advuce solution. I tried to conct nokia care on chatting...they told me conct whatsapp, paytm, skype etc..which is foolish

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This sounds like a problem with the Google Contacts app. I advise you to search for help on a Google Productforum.
I too find this problem irritating and I've search extensively online, including in google products forum, to no avail. Maybe it has something to do with stock Android and third party constructors -OnePlus users are complaining too- because there isn't much feedback from the Pixel users... Anyway I've reported the bug to both Google and Nokia. Furthermore I don't know if it's related but I find there's no real integration of Duo with Contacts or Phone apps, as if the association between contacts lists wasn't working. As a result my video call icon remains grayed out in Contacts, even with compatible users.
I would say this is not a problem with Nokia's firmware, this is to do with Google and the way their contacts app works. You will likely find pixel and nexus users having the same problem.
Same problem here, both with Android 8 and 8.1, until the last version of the Phone app. All the contacts with WhatsApp, Telegram, etc information are duplicated. I don't know if it's a problem of the app and so the resolution must be from Google or of Android. I think it's a Google problem, because in Google Messages and Google Contacts and in other apps that access contacts all is fine. I reported this problem to Google many times

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 As others have suggested, this might be a Google Contacts issue.  If you have access to a computer, navigate to & select 'duplicates' from the left side of the window.


Thanks Craig but that's not it.

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Thanks Craig, but that is used when you have duplicate contact numbers in google account. Here the problem is with phone displays one contact multiple time..( depend on number of other accounts like whatsapp, paytm, viber etc)
I had the same problem but I found a fix that worked for my Nokia 8. Someone at Nokia support suggested to install a 3rd party app. I know it's odd but I gave it a try. I installed ZenUI from Play store and linked the contacts. Then I uninstalled it and was very surprised to see that contacts remained linked in Google contacts app. On the other hand, ZenUI looks good and it's add free so I'm very tempted to get it back and keep it. I hope this works for you too.

I no longer have multiple contacts after the latest update to the Phone app from Google.

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Today I received the version 16.0.184589931 of the phone app, but the situation remains the same, contacts with information from messaging apps, such as Whatsapp and Telegram, are displayed multiple times.

Neither the use of third-party apps, as suggested by Marius works.

When in the contacts app you swipe to the menu and go to settings > Accounts. Then remove all the other services like WhatsApp and Telegram. After that re-add them and in my case this fixed the problem. I'm not sure if this is temperate or that it will ocure again.
First of all I would like to say that in not a developer nor involved in anything IT related. I just try things to make my life easy. What I said in my previous post worked for whatsup and Google contacts, but not all of my FB contacts (some were linked while others were not). And that happened on two Nokia 8 phones. I suppose the problem is related to the Contacts app, not the phone app. But hey  what do I know?
This is caused because each of these apps store contacts in a different format . Download "Twitch! Contacts formatter" app from Google store and convert all contacts to single format.

Twitch! Contacts Formatter seemed to work, but at the first synchronization it returns everything as it was.

At this point I think that the Phone app has problems with the different formatting of the various contacts.

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