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OREO (Go edition) badly needed for Nokia 3

After going through multiple threads on the issues being faced by users of Nokia 3, it seems like the OREO go edition is the only thing that can save us existing users tolerate the inconsistent performance of this device. If any of the moderators are reading this please try to keep the communication lines open on a forum like this. I agree that reading rants and complaints on a daily basis is definitely not pleasant but in an age when devices become obsolete in a matter of months and not years, this is the best way that a manufacturer can retain their loyal customer base. HMD global should keep in mind that they are riding on the decades of bulletproof reliability that NOKIA phones offered. Now even while typing this entire message i had to correct it several times due to the patchy keyboard response. If not anything concrete, the moderators could make an effort to post the development timelines of beta releases so that loyalists like us donot lose hope and jump ship to a different brand altogether. Please do not underestimate the value of brand loyalty and take it slightly. The value of a single timely reply could mean that you retain huge customer base and donot have to resort to the kind of deep discounting to acquire more customers. Please keep your lines open and communicate with us. TLDR: OREO go release date for Nokia 3 devices, badly needed to tolerate the current device usage for atleast another 3-4 months. The way NOKIA handles this would determine which manufacturer my next device would be from. PS: I was trying to post this and my phone says cannot contact Captcha, poor network connectivity and frequent call drops. Cant get any more worse - Please throw out a line here Nokia!

Tech Wizard

I think Nokia is going to update Nokia 3 to normal edition of Oreo not the Go Edition, the Go Edition is just planned for Nokia 2.

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Hi Wilson, thanks for the update. If you are using a Nokia3 probably you might agree with me that the phone cant even handle the existing android 7. If the standard OREO edition needs higher performance than a Nougat device then upgrading the Nokia3 to standard OREO would make it even worse right. I bought the first of the android one devices back when they were launched and used them throught 2-3 major android version updates. The first such update actually inproved the performance but subsequent ones only degraded the experience to the point that you were forced to replace the device. Thanks a lot for replying. Do let me know what you think and please keep the conversation going. This is the only way that we can make the manufacturers sit up and take notice.

Tech Wizard

Yes I completely agree with you that Nokia 3 won't be able to handle the standard Oreo. I also think that standard Oreo will only degrade the battery life and performance on Nokia 3. To be honest I personally think manufacturer are hesitated to try the Oreo Go Edition(I may be completely wrong on this) since it is first of its kind. I think so because there is no single Go Edition device launched till date and I also think the development of Oreo Go Edition is not complete yet. Now Nokia has a chance to smarten up and be the first of the manufacturers to run the Oreo Go Edition on Nokia 3. But I don't know why Nokia is trying to update Nokia 3 to standard Oreo and I don't know why they believe that it will make the performance of the phone better.

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I have issue with the camera..... It's not working properly,when i open the camera it works after minimum 10 -20 second.... Also I have an issue with the night when i charged my Nokia 3 to 45%..but at morning the battery died ....I have missed lot of calls....i think it's software problem.....

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Yeah this is pretty much the condition for all the other apps too, seems like the RAM management is something that should be looked into. Once again I feel that standard OREO will only burden the hardware even more. OREO go edition with the superb build quality of NOKIA3 will help us enjoy this phone for a few more months before we decide on replacing.
Mi Nokia 3 tiene problema con los videos de instagram? Les ha pasado algo similar, me parece que tiene que ver con android 8.0
HMD Customised stock Oreo can be perfectly run on Nokia 3, and it is running smoothly on my Nokia 3, if ur using alot of apps (third party/certified) that may not work with ur device, then u can buy an other more ram sized device, Oreo GO edition is for only below 1GB ram device's
100% agree with you Deepak.. badly need Oreo go edition. Many issues with the device. Planning to switch for another phone.

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Then u can switch to other phone but that isn't possible to upgrade Oreo GO now
Apply Mali r u working for Nokia. How can u assure that they won't go for a go edition.
I have asked to Nokia support regarding this after seeing ur post, they says their have an fixed patterns for providing updates, although Nokia 2 also running on Oreo 8.1 (1 GB ram management not Oreo GO) they say their r providing oreo 8.1 next for Nokia 3

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Ok thank you. I hope they will do some optimization after the update.

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And finally I want to say, hmd havent providing regularly/timely sucrity patches & major updates, even they r providing lately that's ok, then how u can expect completely another software platform from they ...LOL
user1510308335128, am agree with you, they can do much more optimisations for running device smoothly, but I think they can't change the complete software platform
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