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When we expect camera update from Nokia 8

Days are passing hence when we expect camera firmware update in Nokia 8... Any suggestions instead using 3rd party applications

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I miss Nokia's camera software on WP system. For example Lumia 1020 & Lumia 940xl.
You can use open camera app on playstore untill we get a decent app from Nokia
I think that camera update will come in the following weeks. Nokia 7 plus leak shows the new camera app with original Nokia camera pro mode. I'm sure it will be available for Nokia 8 around MWC.

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I had purchased for one of the most important feature i.e Zeiss lens.

Users like me are ready to purchase phone due to trust in Nokia and Zeiss lens.

So,Nokia/HMD please update the validated camera app in Nokia 8 and please reply to posts related to Camera.

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Their only focusing on upcoming models but really really disappointed... How many times need to tell that camera is bad

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I'm really disappointed with camera performance (I've read many reviews, but it is even worse in real life). I really hope they release a (good) update it soon.  I think I'll wait for the update (if they ever release it) and see how much it improves and after that I'll decide to keep it or move to a different brand.

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don't know what nokia doing it has been 4 months since nokia did not fix the camera update. oneplus and honor doing far better then nokia. how much time need to wait stilll?

What are the exact problems? For me, I found the camera difficult to focus on near objects.
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