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Enhanced LTE Option is not showing after Oreo Update

Today I have updated Oreo for my Nokia 6 via OTA. After the update I am not able to make a call because "Enhanced LTE " option not appear. I am using JIO network it support only VoLTE calls. Really strange issue in Oreo update. Please provide me a solution.

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Youl have to backup resate your phone some bugs is there in your phone so your problem will solve because i am using nokia 6 TA -1021 mumbai and i am not find this type of issue in my phone so do this thing first as soon as.

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Sir I have same problems Jio calls is not working in my phone volte calling ....I have done with all backups and fac. Reset also help me to sort out please ...

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You'll have backup resat afeter oreo stable update then also facing a problem then pls go to nokia gallery dont panic more its best for your phone.
But sir when will this stable update comes ? Is ithere any other update after oreo updation ?

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I tried everything but not working ...sir what can i do ? Will next updation solved it out ?

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Its allready come stable version in nokia 6 oreo update and 1 day only gon so pls wait some time you'll get the update and try to check with wifi connection.and no other updates after oreo. again next update maybe you'll have to wait for a month.
You didn't get the Oreo stable then wait for some time or a day and pls chack with wifi connection and they release maybe on 1 st fab so normally will get the update after 2 weeks and there are no update after oreo stable and next update will come after a month. you are facing a problem then you'll have to go to gallery otherwise spoil your phone.

I have installed stable version of Oreo for my Nokia 6 but don't know whats wrong with the update. Have to wait untill next update (may be monthly security update, they should fix this in that update)

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Are expecting somthing more then definitely you'll have wait for the next update.
Thats strange. My phone didnt find LTE network after update to Oreo. Maximum i see 3G

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Settings-Network 4 g recommendation.

I turn it on But no 4G
Nokia 6 TA 1003. - Enabled 4G but the Enhanced VoLTE mode is disappeared in Mobile Settings. Not able to make a call since JIO network only supports VoLTE calls. Really a big issue in this Oreo update

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I am using nokia TA 1021 and its workjng properly i didn't find any issues and i am not uzing till now and memory card and maybe when update after reboot your phone autometic then required wifi connection but after thet didn't find the wifi connection then also facing a some issues. Pls go to gallery its batter.
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