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Oreo 8.1 bad battery life

Battery life on oreo 8.1 beta is disappointing for me after official oreo 8.0, anyone have same problem? Nokia will xou fix it on official oreo 8.1?

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I wonder if there's a fix in the now released final version of Oreo 8.1 for Nokia8. You guys still experience this issue?

I've just updated to the stable of Oreo 8.1, it's too early for me to say yet, need a couple more hours to know if this is fixed or not. Look like their are some small differences in the camera app, it no longer has an about tab so no way to find the version number. But it asked to allow access to my location and then if I wanted to save my photos to my storage card. Previous versions have never asked this before, so this could be a new version, again not had a chance to thoroughly test it to know if it's any better yet.

@user1507208628483, long press the camera app icon and press app info. This way you can see the version number, if it's 8.0100.11 then it's the same as on the 8.1 beta which i'm currently on (awaiting stable OTA).

I can confirm the camera app is a newer version in the stable release it's 8.0110.21.

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Good news everyone, deep sleep appears to be fixed in the stable release of Oreo 8.1. Nokia have done a superb job with this release.

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I just installed the stable version. I will keep an eye on the CPU states to see if the Deep Sleep problem is fixed.

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After the first night on the update it's clear to see that the battery percentage goes almost horizontally and that the Deep Sleep is used 88% of the time.



For all who are here...I also started a topic in this blog.."media.extractor exhaust battery very fast in Oreo 8.0.0 ( after December, January and even February security patch update from Google). I also want to tell something....when you are connected to WiFi battery drains faster ....and if charging while connected to WiFi it slows down charging speed. And in advance battery options Media.extractor causing battery drain and RCS phone and media have maximum usage of battery. I don't know if Oreo 8.1 official come with this same issue what will be the use of using Android latest updated phone when there is no support from Google and phone manufacturers... ..I don't have options to add screenshot of battery drain here otherwise I will surely let you know faster is discharging happening. Hope you guys reply me if there is something fault at my end. Thanks

Stuff is fixed for me, too, with the 8.1 final version. Phone sleeps if not in use. Good job Nokia

Quick question,

has anyone who has enabled BetterBatteryStats, received already the final 8.1 via OTA?

In order to fo it you need to send a command via ADB to enable it.

I am still on 8.1 Beta and don't know why I don't get offered the final version.

Hi B767_400, I've used BBS and I received the update for the stable 8.1 version 2 days ago. It could be that your carrier is slowing down the update.
Finally got 8.1.0 in India today evening. 1562 MB update it was. Waiting few hours to couple of days to reach on any decision about battery life as compared to Oreo 8.0. I notice in 5-6 hours there is control over media.extractor and download manager which are eating my battery in Oreo 8.0. but for final review I have to wait and let you know.
Hello everyone...I started a different topics here in Nokia forum about battery life of Nokia 8 in Oreo 8.0 and 8.1( media.extractor exhaust battery). And few more are here about battery life of Nokia 8 in android 8.0 onward. I tried everything but at last that Works is just hard reset my phone and after reset i got Oreo 8.1 not android 7.0..but the thing is that I got extraordinary battery life it's life for whole day of use it's just around 50-60% battery life remaining and good use of apps like news apps, WhatsApp, YouTube, email apps and few more's like i Didn't get this much of battery life when I purchased this phone 3month ago in android 7.0. I just removed my sdcard and reset my phone .. finally I do it bcz I was stuck with battery life and now I'm happy my hard resetting my phone give me results as expected.

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