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No official oreo update for beta user

I thought they said beta users will be the 1st set of people to get the official oreo update when its finally out...This is just a shame cause am a beta user and no single update,so i will have to wait forever to get the update and i cant even roll back to version 7

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I also believed, wrongly it would appear, that Beta testers would get the stable release first. HMD - Promise big, deliver small.

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Just have a little patience. As far as I can tell little has changed in the official Oreo release except that Dolby Atmos is back.

If you're that impatient just come over to XDA and grab the OTA zip yourself. People need to stop spamming the forums with posts like this.

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This is a point of principle and basic business ethics. Right now I have Beta software on my device and no way to update or revert to the previous official release. Completely unethical behaviour by HMD. I may well buy another Nokia device in the future, but only if it is made by Nokia and not a bunch of cowboys who have paid to use the name. Having said that; Nokia took the money, so what does that say about Nokia?

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I do think there's a way to update though, and that is to calm down and wait for a little while. By the way, you do understand that "made by Nokia" or "made by HMD" or made by whatever are just arbitrary labels right? As far as I know what used to be the the Nokia factory in my country became a Microsoft Mobile factory, then it was sold to FIH, and today it still produces Nokia-branded devices, mostly feature phones and phone accessories.

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