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the critical problem on NFC

I am a Hong Kong user, the common NFC application under the transportation in Hong Kong is, namely Octopus. the detection of the card is very annoying that is about 30 times per each even it cannot detect. Could you tell me, it is a device problem or an apps capability problem?

here is the Octopus reference link"" I will then ask them, the Octopus company also.

best regard, 

Hong Kong User. 

Hi I'm also from Hong Kong. Also this is a bug in Android 8.0. I'm now in Beta of Android 8.1 and NFC working with my Octopus Cards.
Request the beta of 8.1 this bug is fixed. The beta has no showstoppers but you may experience poorer battery life after installing it as their is currently a bug with the CPU not going into a deep sleep state.
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