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Price cut of 8k

Decesion has disappointed me, how Nokia can do this, we have already purchased it with the launch price and now 8k value of phone decreased all of sudden, now how can we trust on nokia??

Yes Nokia 8 suddenly decreases prices from 8k to 10k in dispointed

Phones and to be honest most electronics always drop in price over time regardless of you buy them from, it is just one of those things.

That's the nature of electronics these days. They depreciate too fast.

"How can we trust Nokia"

I'm laughing so hard at this. Every phone has price cuts you know.

Yes, only in about 3 months this change in price. It would have been better if HMD global had kept this price from launch date. May be new 2018 Nokia 8 would be available in near future.

I purchased my Nokia 8 (TA-1004 EU6 Steel) on Amazon Italy. I payed it 456€ (about 568$), when the list price was and it's still today 599€ (~747$). There were times when it also arrived at 399€ (~497$), now the price is between 520€ (~648$) and 570€ (~710$) according to color.The day after I bought it, it came to 580€ (~723$). All this always for products sold and shipped from Amazon Italy.

Where is the problem? I don't know how it works in India, but here it is normal for prices to decrease over time.

Currently, here in Italy, a Samsung Galaxy S8 costs less than the Nokia 8, although it starts from a much higher list price (more than 800€), for example. It's the law of the market.

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