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Picture in picture in Oreo

I enable the pictures in picture options in special app access but it's not working ... I play video in youtube and then press home button ... And then my YouTube app in background app its never goes in picture-in-picture mode.... Can you fix this??

Best Answer
Not every application support pip mode.

In normal you tube it is not possible. Try YouTube paid version. Or try YouTube in chrome.

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I tried cartoon HD and YouTube videos in chrome ... That also not working..


Not every application support pip mode.

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Picture in picture is only working for Chrome..... please fix this
Google have chosen to deliberately block Oreo PiP for YouTube, with the exception of people who have paid YouTube services (not available to the majority of the global market, only US and 4 other countries). Complain to Google about that. Other apps need to implement support for it, so ask the developers of particular apps to do that. Nokia / HMD can't do anything to improve availability of PiP, as they have no control over it.
I still can't use PIP for YouTube and other apps... Please help me!!!
Please read the replies above. Google deliberately block it for YouTube. Other apps need to add support for it.

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