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Didn't get any update after oreo beta

As everyone of us know stable oreo update for Nokia 6 is being rolled out for many users. But being a beta tester I still didn't get oreo stable update. It's almost February, I'm yet to receive January security patch. My model is TA-1021 and I'm from Sri Lanka. My build number is 00WW_5_140

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Maybe what you have IS what everyone else is getting. So no need to update it.
Same here. Its been days and there's still no update. TA-1021, I'm from the Philippines.
Same here. No update since beta. Using TA-1021. From Malaysia

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Same here. No january security update. From Germany...

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Same here. No january security update. From Bulgaria...

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 +1. TA-1021. From Russia.

Same, Denmark
Now it's February 4th, forget Oreo stable update. Why we don't even get January security patch. As beta testers we should be given priority. Shame on HMD globel. Ppl should not promise what they cannot deliver

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I am done with Nokia. Or I should say HMD. This isn't Nokia. They wouldn't screw up so much. Flawed software. No date on a fix. Software updates that are months overdue. Having to use a backup phone because Nokia can't seem to fix the phone I purchased. They brag about sales being up. Dropping the ball this bad. Sales will decline rapidly. Can't trust a company that can't sell an operating phone and empty promises of fixing it. Mine will go in the trash. And I will be posting it all on YouTube Facebook and Twitter. Let the social media backlash be their downfall.

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I am so sad that I bought 2 of their smartphones within 6 months for being in love with Nokia blindly..

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Yes... I'm also from Sri Lanka and TA-1021. Received January security update but didn't received official Oreo...So sad

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No oreo stable on Philippines TA-1021 too

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No january security patch too

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I think the only one receiving the update now is India, maybe most of them.

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