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Please no double or even triple confirmations

please don't introduce all those imho totally over the board unnecessary double or or even triple confirm clicks. it's highly annoying. in order to switch data off I need to 1) pull down 2) tap data and now, i.e. in 8.1 beta, also 3) confirm. in this beta also to switch off or restart I need to 1) hold the power button 2) choose restart or power off and 3) confirm what I just already told the phone TWICE. That's THREE TIMES telling the phone to restart/power off. IT'S TOO MUCH. These functions are pretty much impossible to accidentally reach. So, please. Please don't introduce this. Behaviour in 8.0 was fine. 1) pull down 2) tap data. And respectively 1) hold and 2) choose restart/off.

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