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Nokia 8 query related to camera

First of all thanks to Nokia for opting Android system for phones. I am owning Nokia 8 with Android 8.0 update and with January update. Below is the query related to this phone. 1. Camera having Zeiss lens is working properly if light is sufficient to see.When it comes to loss of even little bit of light,it produces blur images.Sometimes image becomes blur even if light is proper.Is this the problem of app or software? Is the camera lens made such for this phone? If this gets clarified,I may not wait for any update for this app. Previously,I was using Nokia Lumia 730 and still owning it with Windows system.This phone is equipped with Zeiss lens and is producing better images than Nokia 8 related to blurriness. I wanted to switch to android system phone,so trusting Nokia for many years,I had purchased a phone with Zeiss lens only due to previous experience. Nokia support, I will be waiting for your answer to above question.

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