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Notification blink light not responding

I am having Android 8.0 with January update. For notifications I have already opted for "blink light" feature, but whenever a notification is received there is only "sound" no "blinking light" is received. Is this the problem of system? Will it work properly if I reset the phone?Will there be any update provided for this problem?

The "blink" option is there but unfortunately our phones doesn't have a LED notification light to begin with. Other users are hoping that Nokia would make the capacitive touch buttons also act as notification lights on their next future software updates.
Thanks for your reply user1509072882486. Was it working during Android 7 nougat? When I purchased the phone it directly showed update to oreo,so instead of working on nougat,I started using oreo.

No, the Nokia 8 doesn't have a notification LED.

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