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404 error

-cant install from google store (cleared the cache ) -dolby sound broken with noise and very high volume -open the bootlooader already cant even go back to nougat 7.1.1

Nokia-6 TA-1021 is the same problem, the speakers after upgrading to Android 8.0.0 hiss, the sound became terrible, what should I do? make it possible to rollback up to 7 Android

Can we receive any official comment about Google play issue on TA-1000? Apart of saying that we were unlucky to buy something not designed to be sold outside of China. It is software issue and has nothing to do with model difference

 I bought my Nokia 6 TA-1000 from chinese reseller as this is not forbidden, right? I could buy it being in China for work or whatever. Since I bought it Play Store was working fine till beginning of February 2018 (404 issue is not related to Oreo update which I've got few days after Store stopped working). I guess it's not Nokia but rather Google issue - they are blocking all chinese market phones from accessing Google Play Store. But still - we need support from Nokia (HMD) and other vendors affected (Huawei, Umidigi, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc) with that issue to let us get access to Play Store. This is against the law as we have not been informed about that possibility not to get access to Play store when we decided to buy our phones. Nokia - please support us.

Taking in account what's described here:

Question is about to remove one file from system folder. So:

1) Prepare a patch what will do a job

2) give user a possibility do this on their own 

would help

error code 404 has fix right now (some app). you try to do it. 

I am not brave enough to use 3rd party market place.

 Today I'm able to update apps with Play Store on my Nokia 6. Also download and install new apps. It looks that the issue have been fixed by Goggle and there is no more ban to use Play Store on chinese phones.

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