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Headphone button not working please help.

My phone is pretty much brand new since I just bought for about 2-3 months ago and I've only been able to press the buttons for about few times only for listening music. But after inserting it back on the phone it does play sound on both side but unfortunately the buttons won't work even the volume up, down and the play and pause button please can anyone help.

Which music app are you currently using? Most apps can handle headset controls but some don't. Also, which brand of headphones is it? Does the pair of headphones work with other phones?

I'm using the Google play music and I tried it on the other devices the sounds still works but the buttons still won't work :(

Then that sounds like an issue with your headphones. Try to borrow another pair and check if the buttons work with your phone - if they do then it's definitely your headphones that's broken.

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