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A few things

I would like to report a glitch on the forum. When in a thread on mobile view, the sorting of thread's posts does not work - after clicking on for ex. sort by newest, the page just refreshes, but the order of posts does not change. How hard it is to bind an onChange event to an asynchronous HTTP request, in which the body would contain the data about selected sorting, and then using database's ORDER BY command to return the requested data? Another thing I have encountered are these SPAM threads on the forum (mainly in the What goes section), that are regularly being posted, sometimes by the same user more than 3 times. How hard is it to block a user? Do you have at least one person, that takes care of the forum? How hard would it be to implement a RegExp validation on the thread's title (or even the body) input field, that would catch phone numbers and email addresses, which should not be (for obvious security reasons) included in the data. I am not even going to try to investigate this website's background, because I would probably find some nasty things from the technical perspective. I have bought and am using a Nokia android phone, before I used a Lumia, and before that a Nokia Symbian phone. So far the experience with this renewed Nokia was mostly negative. Unfortunately your approach regarding the forum and user feedback seems unprofessional (but fitting the today's trends) to me. Another thing that I would like to address, is the exclusiveness of some devices to Asian market only. I feel like you don't even care about us - European customers. Like you just have become another Chinese company brainlessly pouring some smartphones into the market. For me so far, the Finnish Nokia is half dead and I don't feel like supporting HMD in the future anymore. With kind regards, your 20 years faithful customer.
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