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Desire better communication regarding Oreo upgrade

Hi - it's been 5 days since the Oreo 5.220 (non-Beta) release on the Nokia 5 (see tweet from NokiaMobile (official)

I wish that Nokia would give a better indication of the roll-out period (days, weeks, months?). So that users have an idea of when they can expect. 

Instead we get empty PR tweets from Nokia about: "contact our service providers" (which I don't think have anything to do with it for unlocked phones) and "phased roll-out for quality reasons" - whatever that means.

Please treat your customers like adults and give us a rough idea of the roll-out period.

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I was just about to ask for the same information! Yes, rollout details would save us a lot of time checking our devices to see if it's arrived. I don't mind the wait, but are we talking days or weeks?

I agree.  I fully understand and support the need for a phased rollout, as a means to manage quality and risk.  It's just extremely frustrating to not know the ongoing status, and what my expectations should be.  In the current situation, I have no real information, and for all I know the update may have already been released but my device is not seeing it for some reason (which would then require action on my part to diagnose the issue).

Nokia / HMD, I'm not looking for or expecting a firm promise, just an idea of when we might see the update.  You need to properly manage our expectations.

Nokia 5 (TA-1024, bought sim-free/unlocked from normal retail outlet) user in the United Kingdom.

Agree. Have no issues with waiting, but "whe it's done" is not the answer what we're looking for ... Apart from this, I've been really satisfied how nokia has been running the beta program so far. Lacking better comms, but the builds were coming out quick without serious issues.

As luck would have it I checked just now and got the Orio update!

My location is Norway and Telia is my carrier 

@JohnPC - tnx for the head's up -  can confirm - same here (63deg. North) - but I do stand by the original point that I wish that Nokia was a bit clearer in their communications with customers to set expectations.

(NB can't DL right now because not enough space - even with a merged SD card it's frustrating to have to juggle space on the internal memory... but that is another thread...) 

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