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Nokia ignoring customer complaints.

So it is obvious Nokia is ignoring the issues with the Nokia 5 and 6. More hype about new phones they want us to buy buy nothing to fix what they sold. So should we start a mass social media uproar to force them to stop ignoring us and admit there are issues and fix them?

I believe many of the issues come with software updates which are "android updates", many brands have issues with system updates, not just nokia . Just don't update your phone because oreo is still buggy. Nokia releases stable updates according to google standards. I have my nokia 6 with nougat and I love it! 
Fyi you can disable automatic updates in the developers menu.
That's nonsense. The bugs are across N and O. Nothing in the updates should have affected these issues. It's Nokia. Worst part is they are ignoring it.
I have compiled ROMs for a few phones. I am very aware of how things work. Been a member of XDA fo years.
Maybie its just me who bought a perfect phone from nokia then :)
Lol. Look through the forums. Here even. Or Amazon reviews. Or Nokia's Twitter feed. It's widespread.
The nokia tweeter feed is catching Flys lol
It's just like Amazon and this site. Ignoring issues and the customers. No excuse.
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