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Feature Request: FM Radio

Hi All,

I create this topic to put all the people asking for FM Radio to be added to Nokia 8 in the future update. Please leave a comment with AREE to count how many people want this feature hope that Nokia listen to our request & add it.


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Nobody need FM radio???

As I understand, it is no chip for FM-radio in Nokia 8, so it is not possible, I use internet radio and it works great for me.

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Internet radio consumes both data plan & battery. Why I should use my data plan when I can get FM locally.

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I just told you why there is no fm-radio in Nokia 8 (some say that it is possible if Nokia/hmd activate it, I don't know).

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As far as everybody knows FM radio available in every smartphone but the manufacturers are disable it for the reason everybody knows. Example is what happened with Samsung recently in US that force them to activate it.

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