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Problems with sound

I have a Nokia-6 TA-1021. After upgrading to Android 8.0.0 speakers, no matter what is reproduced through them (music, game or movies) -

  sizzle and fade, the sound became terrible. This is especially audible when you apply the speaker to your ear at a minimum volume level. This is unacceptable, especially for Nokia. What to do? How to solve this problem or how to return to the previous version of Android.

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I'm experiencing similar issues on the NOKIA 6 TA-1025 after the Android 8.0.0 update.  Media sound now has a lot of static, and the lowest volume setting is quite loud.

Unrelated: my automatic time zone is now incorrect post-update.

This thing is unacceptable, as I bought this phone solely for its audio performance. God damn it Nokia please see our feedback and fix the god damn audio!
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