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Another couple of Nokia Camera App undocumented fetaure/bug?

Just found another couple of undocumented features/bugs in the Nokia camera app. Wonder if anyone else has found these?




(1) If you select a point of focus on the screen other than the default central zone when the camera is on a self timer setting, either 3 or 10 seconds. As the camera counts down the point of focus indicator moves back to the central zone before the photo is taken. This applies whether set to twin, colour or mono lenses.




(2) When selecting manual controls I have found that if you have the grid overlay already selected as you go into manual, and then change the focus system from whatever it was previously on - auto to macro or infinity etc you lose the grid overlay. Come out of manual and it reappears. Maybe intentional, though I can't see why it would be desirable as the grid is just a framing aid.

TA-1012 UK Android 8.0 Oreo stable release version, January security update.

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Found yet another weird issue with the camera today. When I took a couple of shots with the Nokia camera app, I noticed that as well as the main image captured  being stored in the Photos app and being about 4Mb in size, it also stored another copy of the same just a few Kb in size in photos too. Like some kind of thumbnail. Happened a couple of times and never seen that before. Weird.

So I deleted the cache and data associated with the camera app and re-started it in the hope if may have cleared the problem.

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