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Oreo - Caller Id is not matched with Contact name

Since I did update to Oreo there is a problem with recognizing/displaying proper Contact name (caller Id) when I have area or international country code saved for this contact in contact details.

So for example if I have a "Friend" saved in contacts with number +48 100 100 100 and he is calling me - this is not recognized and NOT displayed as call from "Friend" but Nokia show it as call from "100-100-100". This is stupid. As I added international prefixes to almost all my contacts now I do not know who is calling - I can only see the caller Number not the Name..

If I remove international prefix from the contact and save "Friend" number as 100 100 100 (without +48 prefix) than caller is properly recognized as "Friend".

But then... When he is abroad or I'm on international travel I have to manually edit the number before the call - otherwise I can call local number 100 100 100 and not +48 100 100 100.

Is it a problem with Oreo (Android again as this happened previously with other updates for Android) or specifically to Nokia? What is the fix if any?

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