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After Oreo update Android does not prompt for SIM1 PIN and thus doesn't connect

 Hi there

After update this morning apparently my Nokia 6 no longer connects my SIM card in slot 1 to network - probably because it never prompts me for the SIM card PIN.

My SIM card in slot 2 is without PIN code and connects fine.

I tried rebooting with no change in this behavior. Pretty critical issue for a phone, I think.

Best regards

Jens Dalsgaard

Check the SIM card settings.

OK. What should I look for. Both SIM cards were already set up and functioning before the Oreo update. Please guide me.
Oh. Tried deactivating and reactivating the SIM. Doing so, I was prompted for the SIM PIN, and the SIM connected nicely to network. Interesting. It'll be nice to see what happens after a restart. If no further comments are added by me, this approach solved the issue.

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