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Bluetooth strength is weak and it doesn't connect easily and after connection the connectivity of Bluetooth breaks several times, Nokia must look into the matter.

Same thing happens to me. I thought first it was bad GSM coverage, so I tested with music locally on phone, and with 3 different Bluetooth headsets and the connection breaks frequently with all of them. I agree that Nokia must look into this, hopefully a sw/fw update will fix it
This is a bug with Oreo 8.0, it's fixed in the Oreo 8.1 beta. Unfortunately they have closed the beta at the moment, so hopefully you will find it is fixed in the stable release which is due anytime now.
Ok, thanks, that's good to know - looking forward to 8.1 then

My bluetooth worked perfetly in my car before the 8.1 update, but since the update the handsfree phone works but listening to music/audio does not work at all.

I have a bad Bluetooth problem since upgrading to Oreo with very heavily distorted audio when receiving calls in my car via Bluetooth. Under Nougat it worked superbly. I have the feeling Oreo 8 has been rushed out and not tested properly, two core functions now don't work on my £500 pound handset,

Since Android 8.1.0 update I've got distorted audio on some bluetooth devices - but some are OK
Car and Bose headset is OK - while my helmet intecom (Cardo Scala rider Packtalk) and others is distorted - really annying.
Will test same set on another Nokia 8 to see if it will be any point in swoping the phone in an new one...
Also annoying that it is not possible to choose other Audio Codecs in developer options.

Update - Just tested with another Nokia 8 device - and same issue - contacted Nokia Phone care again - and now it was identified as a "Known issue" and that HMD was working on fixing the problem. - Really hope they will... Hate to have to go back to my Moto X Style for motorcycle season...

On second Nokia 8 now re Bluetooth issues. Bluetooth connection to car hands free set provides poor quality audio and distortion. Also occasional drop out with music on speaker. Great phone but Nokia needs to get the basic core functions right. Hoping software update will fix it or will reluctantly have to get a refund.

Unfortunately this is a big enough problem that I think I'll have to change to a different phone before it gets fixed. It used to work before the update, my wifes iphone works, my sons Motorola works. I really wanted to come back to Nokia but they've blown it. Shame.

Does anybody know if "Nokia" (HMD Global) monitors this forum at all? - I've never seen any rep from HMD/Nokia here...

Same for me. Connection is not stable when connected to Patriot carkit and Logitech bt. With old Samsung 5 I never had a problem. Please Nokia give us a fix.

I (My son) Also had a problem with bluetooth no sound Coming out at all in both our car radios. I just go the the app manager and showed the systems apps. Go to the bluetooth app erased all data and started all over again with parring. Now the bluetooth sound works. I only tested this with a bluetooth headset and a bluetooth audio out adapter 

With new Security patch level April 1 2018 issue is still very much present. Still sounds like the headset is submerged in water with broken speakers...


Does anybody know if "Nokia" (HMD Global) monitors this forum at all? - I've never seen any rep from HMD/Nokia here...

No, this is a community forum
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