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I Updated my Nokia 6 today to Oreo. I have a big Problem. I can't turn the volume down like i did with Nougat(it got very loud) and the Sound quality got very bad. Please change this in the next Software Update. Maybe i will reset my phone to Nougat again.

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It's really ridiculous, about five months passed away and they (Nokia/HMD) did'nt solve a sh*t.

Originally my TA-1021, Hardware 5.1, and Android Nougat was the smartphone with the best sound that i have ever heard, but everything changed with Android Oreo. Under version 8.0 the sound was bad, under 8.1 a little bit better but not good. Next i will try the rollback to Android Nougat, i don't need the Oreo features, but i want back the excellent sound!

I have hard reseted my Nokia 6 TA1021 . Still it is not receiving June patch. Please someone help me. My another Nokia 6 ta1021 received update.
I haven't updated yet. Does the sound work good with dobly off? Thanks
My one Nokia 6 ta1021 received june update within two hours of release but my other Nokia ta1021 is not detecting June OTA even after after hard reset.

Did anybody get July 2018 security update on Nokia 6. If yes then please let me know did Dolby Atmos issue (hissing noise) is solved and also low ringtone volume problem is solved ?

Bro.. it no use u try to inquiry about hissing sound with just security patch unless there is major update on Oreo like before from 8.0 update to 8.1. In case the update like that then you can asked people or you might try itself.
I've received July Update about two days ago. I don't know so much about the update, but it seems that Dolby Atmos issue was fixed finally. I'm so glad with that.

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The issue still there. Try ur lowest sound setting and watch any video or song.. u will see hissing sound there..

This Bug is worst on TA-1033

I have no sound at all i cannot use the phone anymore. Please fix it ASAP

I've received July Update today. The problem is still there - all sounds are too loud! I made first conversation after update and the sound for breaking the conversation has damaged my ear! After a few hours my ear still hurts and I am very angry about this. I was very happy with my new phone, unfortunately, Nokia 6 disappointed me after update.

Your mistake is damaging to the health of users. Fix it to avoid the lawsuits! Do not be fooled by users and immediately solve the problem.

Users can fix the sound problem by turning off DOLBY sound. In commercials is DOLBY sound the main feature of Nokia 6, so what's the point?

 Same issue for me, all updates have not fix the problem. Sound really bad when sound is minimum, and minimum sound is still really loud.

I have this problem since the first day with nokia 6, already on Oreo.

Could be nice to have some intervention from nokia support itself

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