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I Updated my Nokia 6 today to Oreo. I have a big Problem. I can't turn the volume down like i did with Nougat(it got very loud) and the Sound quality got very bad. Please change this in the next Software Update. Maybe i will reset my phone to Nougat again.

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Hi! I have issue with volume of ringtone on my N6 since I've updated to Oreo. When I put phone in pocket, volume automatically increase it self to max (what is OK if I use pocket mode), when I take him out it doesn't decrease it self. settings I didn't find "Pocket mode".

 Same issue with very loud sounds even on minimum level set in volume configuration. This happened right after upgrading to Oreo. Turn off DOLBY helped only once, then after some time it's back to "loud" and turning on/off DOLBY option doesn't help at all. This bug is very annoying. HMD, please fix!

Model: TA-1021
Android version: 8.0.0
Android security patch: February 1, 2018
Build number: 00WW_5_22A

Location:  United States

Model:  TA-1025

Android version:  8.0.0

Android security patch level:  February 1, 2018

I'm experiencing the same issue as user1517952177956.  Immediately after upgrading from 7.1.2 to 8.0.0, ringtone volume is uncomfortably loud.  Even at its lowest setting, it's far too loud for a quiet environment.

Disabling Dolby only slightly reduces the volume.

Turning on "Mono audio" in Developer Settings does not make any noticeable difference that I can detect.

Additional XDA discussion:

Why why why nokia doing this.HMD are you listening.please solve this major issues. Please reply to this tread.we need quality sound not loudness and cracking sound. We need top notch dolby atmos software.please rectify this issue.
Same here, any updates on this?


Based on one user's experience with the wake lock app, I'm tempted to update my music player app with optional wake locks.

Unfortunately I returned my phone to Amazon after I discovered this problem, so I cannot test it.

If anyone is interested in testing this, contact me.

The problem has not been solved so far, the March update of the security system again did not solve the problem with the sound. What kind of mockery is this? ((((

I contact the local support team and they told few steps to recover this problem, but that could not solved. now they are asking me to take this phone to service center for physical checkup. I am surprised to know..How this coild be a hardware problem. It was working fine before the update

not accepting feedback from us is just pure aHole nokia, everybody is complaining about the sound yet it's not fixed, lost faith on nokia

I have also Nokia 5 which is running with Oreo 8.0 with lastest March 2018 security update.There are no issues are found on 5 Regarding sound quality it is awesome(no noise ,excellent sound even when volume is high or low).I hope only Nokia 6 is prone to this problem. I NEED DOLBY ATMOS WITH RECTIFIED AUDIO GLITH.please developer team look into this issue
Got march security patch on TA-1021, no fix to volume/bad sound quality. Not sure if it ever comes

I've found a workaround on reddit

Just turn of the "Dolby Surround" option. 

Not the best solution but it works.

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