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I Updated my Nokia 6 today to Oreo. I have a big Problem. I can't turn the volume down like i did with Nougat(it got very loud) and the Sound quality got very bad. Please change this in the next Software Update. Maybe i will reset my phone to Nougat again.

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I have noticed that after using a headphone or something plugged into the 3,5mm jack, the volume of the internal speaker is randomly changed (even if the volume setting remains same as before). Can anyone comfirm this behavior on the TA-1021?

What the hell ? Any update received to fix problem.

Today I got may 2018 security patch on my Nokia 6 ta 1021 Indian variant. Nothing has been fixed and same hissing noise / distorted sound is still present at lower volume . Especially at minimum volume level it is very very bad.Really feeling very bad regarding sound quality. Oreo update is most failure update in Android history. I am reverting back to nougat rom.may be I will stay on that forever. Nokia android is good at updates but very very very bad on software optimization. Really I am missing my Nokia Windows phone.hmd Nokia really suck in terms of perfect software optimization. Sound output is much cleaner and lovable on nougat rom.but on Oreo waste waste waste.please fix this already on Android p update. Are you listening Nokia ?

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Send emails to the Nokia it's a more straight forward way to ask something
I am waiting for system update.
May updation not resolved the problem.The sound issue still.
8.1 May security patch. The problem still exists. Nokia, are you listening? I will give this another month and ditch this phone. This is ridiculous!!!

Confirm, May security update did not fix any sound problems on my TA-1021.

HMD, what's so difficult?

We want back the good sound, as it was with Android Nougat!

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It's a troll. Now they straight call us to contact the seller for repair. I have given up and just continue to use the phone, but no more nokia products in future!

my N6 TA-1033 got the Oreo 8.1 update a few days ago. April patch came thru too.

the sound for ringer/notifications, with Dolby off, is off the scale, way too loud. I have to use Do Not Disturb (which has also changed for the worse).

someone in another thread said the May patch made the sound much too low, but other posts in this thread report the opposite.

I have had it suggested that a Factory Reset might sort the issue? Anyone one tried this? (sry, I haven't read all of the 9 pages of posts in this thread)

Factory reset not a solution,i had tried 2 times, still facing lower sound problem

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