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Unable to install latest update "No Command"

Hey there! So I just received and downloaded the last update available for the Nokia 5 (v5_220). Once I reboot to install the update I'm greeted with a "No Command" screen, so I went back into the system with a hard reboot. Tried it once more with the same result. Now I still see the update ready screen in my notifications, however no more update is available? Also in the system it clearly downloaded the update as I my storage is more full. Any clue what I could do? Thanks!

Free up space and try again
I tried to do that, however if I go back to the "check update" there is no update anymore, yet it's still downloaded in the storage, which seems pretty odd to me. There is no way to remove it either as there are no permissions to access the system files.
I got the same error. I did a factory reset. Afterwards the update was successful.
It's true
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