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Does XpressMusic comes back?

im a huge fan of XM devices from previous era, is there a possiblity of consideration about bringing back XM or music related device?

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 I agree, this would be great to see.

Tech Wizard

I'm curious, are you about phones with more physical buttons to control music playback - or is it the Comes With Music marketing concept, where music downloads were included with the phone purchase?

More physical buttons to control music and always on AMOLED screen to show what's playing with red and black accent or blue and black like they always do. Imagine Nokia 6 or 8 with side panel with music keys. And on the back it'll say Nokia as usual but in fiery red it says XpressMusic underneath it. Fix up with multiple speakers and huge battery so music all the way!! Damn I'll pay 750$ or 1000$ without hesitation for a device like that.

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