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Glance Screen improvement and color profiles in development?

When the Beta Lab for Nokia 8 was reopened I joined it to try this new version based on Android 8.1.

Browsing the system I came across some hidden experimental, testing or debugging activities of the Glance Screen.

These make us assume that a large update for the Glance is under development.

There are options to change the backlighting, to add new messaging apps, to bring from 4 to 6 the number of notifications to be displayed and to change the style of the screen, with an analogue clock, or between legacy and elegant.

At the moment among all these activities, only the debugging one is working, but this leaves us hopeful. Posting the question on XDA it turns out that 90% of these are absent in the stable release based on Android 8.0, so it's actually something new.

There is also an activity related to changing the color profile of the screen, even if this isn't yet working (otherwise I think it would not have been hidden, like the others) and others related to new gesture, but the latter should only affect the new devices with virtual navbar.

Here some screenshot:

Here the screenshots of these hidden activities:







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Why i didn't saw this on my nokia 8 ta-1004 on android 8.1 beta? Where to find this?

@deadsouls88 these are hidden activities and at the moment it seems they are not even working (except for the debugging one).

If you want to have a look, you need a launcher that allows you to create shortcuts to the activities. For example, in Nova Launcher there is the widget called "Activity" that allows just this.

Adding that widget to the home, appears the list of all installed apps (system and not) and expanding them you can choose between the activities that compose them and create a shortcut that allows you to reach the specific activity. These are reachable within the System UI and Settings apps. Be careful, because some activities, once started, could compromise the functioning of the system, do it at your own risk.

I opened a thread on XDA with the various details, there is also a list of the names of these activities. I don't know if I can post the link here, however you can find it easily in the forum dedicated to Nokia 8.

This is a pretty cool find man!

Funny how the old marshmallow easter egg/minigame is there under systemUI lol.

@LennartB yep, there is also the easter egg of Android KitKat: "Dessert Case" :)

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