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Constant beeping on cold weather


Has anyone encountered notification message 'charging interrupted - too cold' (I don't remember exact words) notification window and beeping when phone is not in a charger, it is in a pocket and outside temperature <-10C.

Phone starts beeping after about 40mins, it beeps randomly (every 6 - 30 sec) with the popup window.

Very annoying - only shutting down the phone stops this. If I don't shut down the phone and come in (warm temp) after a while a popup windows says 'Normal temparature - continuing normal operation'.

Is there a way to disable at least the beeping sound - I look really stupid outdoors while my pocket keeps beeping like a smoke detector.

BTW I have two of these 8 phones, both do the same

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My nokia 6 used to wake me up while charging during the night. I had to automatically silence it during the night
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